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Bridal trials are ideally done from 1 - 6 months before the wedding day. The trial is used to discuss different hair and makeup options and to find what style suits you best. It is quite important to do your homework on the styles you like or equally styles that you don’t like, this will give us great direction. Leave enough time for your trial, approx 2-3hrs and bear in mind not to try too many styles as this will leave you feeling confused and frustrated. We will be able to help advise you. Booking without a trial.

Booking without a trial

You may also book without having a hair and make-up trial. If you have a clear idea of the hair and makeup you want or if your happy to let us suggest a look then it can be done on the wedding day. Having reference pictures from magazines or the internet will help you to show us the kind of style you would like. We will be able to re-create the look for you. Hair & Makeup Lesson.

Hair & Makeup Lesson

If you are getting married abroad or just wish to learn to recreate the look yourself, we can teach you step by step how to achieve the look and provide you with the list of all the equipment and products used. Special Occasions:

Special Occasions:

Away from the big day, we can also do your hair and makeup for other special occasions.

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